Simple, transparent pricing.

We’re on a mission to remove barriers to developing self-sovereign identity solutions. No onerous contracts. No major annual fees. 

Pay for what you use, cancel any time. The way we think an SSI service provider should be.

Straightforward usage-based pricing tied to DID Communications (DIDComm), which is the technical mechanism by which peers interact in self-sovereign identity. Our pricing model incentivizes us to help you move from PoC to pilot to production.

Monthly Plan



  • Included DIDComm 500/Month
  • Additional DIDComm N/A
  • Ledger Writes Free
  • Everything you need to build an SSI project on test networks.



  • Sovrin main net, better support, automation tools.



  • More volume and dedicated support.


Contact us for pricing

  • Included DIDComm Custom
  • Additional DIDComm Contact Us
  • Ledger Writes Details
  • Volume discounts, on-prem hosting, SLAs, custom development and integrations.

*Not sure how much DIDComm you need? Read more here.

**Additional fees may apply when writing to production ledgers/systems. Read more here.

***Need a little more? Read more about our Expert Services offering here.







  • Establish peer-to-peer connections
Pairwise, off-ledger peer DIDs are used to establish a persistent, direct connection between two parties. This gives each party the ability to send high-value data like credentials back and forth and know the channel is secure.
  • Fully-encrypted direct messaging
Peer DIDs are used to encrypt messages between agents, and DIDComm-based chat messages are baked into our protocol for secure communication.
  • Private, pairwise DIDs & mutual auth
DIDs between peers don't go on the ledger - they're stored in your wallet. When you interact with a connection, you mutually authenticate.

Issue Credentials

  • Issue, view, and manage credentials
Credentials are based on the verifiable credential spec developed at the W3C.
  • Anchor credentials to 4 test networks, including Sovrin Staging Net
We support Sovrin Staging, Sovrin Builder, BCGov's private test network, and the Streetcred Dev Net. Have another network you want us to support? No problem, just let us know!
  • Revoke credentials you’ve issued
Revocation doesn't take someone's credential away from them, but removes their ability to prove its legitimacy.
  • Anchor credentials to Sovrin networks, including Main Net
Sovrin Main Net requires payment to write to the ledger, so you must be on a paid tier to support Sovrin.

Verify credentials

  • Verify any credential’s integrity, revocation status, and origin
We support credential verification on credentials issued on 5 different networks, and are adding more networks as requested.
  • Connectionless verifications
Simpler, more straightforward workflows with connectionless challenges. Verify a credential without having to first establish a connection.
  • Predicate verifications
You can collect only what you need. Classic example: verify someone is over 21 without knowing their birthdate.

Integration & automation

  • Notification webhooks
Automate workflows by adding logic for programmatically performing functions based on behavior from your users.
  • Custom deep linking
Add deep linking support to your workflows.
  • QR-based triggers for connections & credential workflows
Auto-generated simple QR codes, both static and auto-generated, to initiate your workflows.
  • Self-hosted endorser webhooks
Want to host your own endorser webhooks? We can support that.
  • Event trigger integrations through email & SMS
More options for initiating workflows.


  • Documentation, libraries, samples, community support
Go to our developer portal to view our docs and code samples.
  • Email support would love to hear from you!
  • Join Streetcred private Slack group
Direct access to people who've been there before and can help you implement your solution.
  • Dedicated video conference support
Get on a call with our support team to resolve any issues you have.
  • Custom integrations & features
Need something that's not offered here? We're happy to co-develop or build it.
  • Custom trainings & workshops
We'll come to you to help get your team ready to hit the ground running.
  • Dedicated developers to assist implementation
Need more support? Have someone from our team join you on site or remotely.

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