You are more than a
username and password

You are the sum of your life’s experiences. Securely collect your experiences, credentials, and achievements in one place. 

One place for your digital identity

You have been collecting paper and plastic representations of your identity, achievements, certifications, and experiences since you were a child. But until now, there has been no standard way to do this digitally.  

Streetcred allows you to simplify your digital life by obtaining digital versions of all these credentials so that they’re there when you need them—easily, securely, and privately.  

An Expert Team

No Vendor Lock-in

The Streetcred wallet is currently the only standards-compliant, interoperable digital wallet for the Sovrin Network .

Portability means you can export your identity from Streetcred and into another wallet provider.

Free and Supported Forever

Our wallet will always be free.

One of Streetcred's core values is a strong Commitment to an Open Web. By providing anyone with a free, portable, self-owned identity, we help keep the web an open tool for all to use.

Growing Ecosystem of Issuers and Verifiers

In addition to all the issuers and verifiers that are using our tools, any application that chooses to use the Hyperledger Aries RFC's to build their identity agents will work with the Streetcred Wallet.

Simple, Seamless, Innovative

We've teamed up with leading UX and UI designers to create a credentials exchange experience that your grandmother would understand.

Get Your Digital Wallet

Soon to be released.