Life-Like Identity, Brought Online.

Easily integrate self-sovereign identity with just a few lines of code.


Streetcred was able to deliver a mobile app that was interoperable with the open source Hyperledger Aries Cloud Agent the Province of British Columbia is maintaining. Together we demonstrated one of the world’s first examples of separate codebases interoperating to accomplish verifiable credential exchange.

John Jordan
Executive Director, Emerging Digital Initiatives

Streetcred's platform enabled us to quickly launch a digital ID product to parties in a real estate transaction to improve trust and transparency for all in the process.

Jack Berube
Chief Executive Officer

Streetcred did an incredible job helping our project get started fast with their expert knowledge and SSI frameworks. We consider them as our partners.

Helge Michael
Blockchain Project Manager
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ID Lynx chose to cooperate with Streetcred to help us deliver digital identity solutions for internet of things and animal/pet use cases. Streetcred is a highly attractive partner due to their enthusiastic support, transparent pricing plans for robust SSI tools, and commitment to staying at the leading edge of open source standards (i.e. Hyperledger Aries compliance).

Chris Raczowski

We partner with innovators in all industries to make digital identity personal

Our digital identities are fragmented all across the internet, controlled by 3rd parties which don’t have our interests at heart. Proving things about ourselves online is difficult, inconvenient, and most of all insecure.

Luckily, the future of the internet is different. Life-like digital identity mirrors the way we do things offline – we securely collect credentials (like an ID card) and use them how we see fit. Streetcred is a single platform for issuing, verifying, and managing all the credentials needed to live our best digital lives. We’re building that future with businesses, startups, developers, and people.

For People.

You are more than a username and password.

You are the sum of your life’s experiences. Now, you can securely collect your experiences, achievements, and credentials in one place. See how people are using Streetcred to simplify their digital lives.

For Developers.

We are developers building tools for developers.

We’ve built self-sovereign identity solutions. We know it’s hard. We’ve spoken with scores of developers and built exactly what people need to get up and running. Never worry about protocol compliance, interoperability, or maintaining multiple dependencies again. Take all the complexity away with just a few lines of code using our REST API.


For Enterprises.

We turn compliance into a competitive advantage.

Issue or verify any license, merit, card, certification, attestation, or credential to your users, customers, investors, or partners. Streetcred provides a single, secure way to establish persistent, human relationships with your stakeholders so you can control access, monetize your existing data, or expedite customer onboarding. Integrate with your existing systems using our API or create a custom management console catered to your use case.

For Startups.

Beat your competitors to market.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an intrapreneur, we partner with innovators and industry experts to help them bring digital identity solutions to market fast. Through advisory, rapid prototyping, and our demo services, we help startups raise money, test their approach, and go to market faster and more cost-effectively than anyone else.

Open Source

We are avid contributors to open source projects that advance human dignity online. We developed the Agent Framework, a robust framework for easily building interoperable agents which we contributed to the Hyperledger Aries project as the .NET Aries Framework.

Open Networks

We are believers in open networks which is why we support the Sovrin Network, the world's public utility for decentralized identity. We also integrate easily with any other Hyperledger Indy networks and plan to add support for other protocols as they advance.

Open Standards

In addition to building on open standards such as the DID and Verifiable Credential standards, we are committed to always maintaining our products, frameworks, and APIs with the most recent community interoperability protocols.

Open Vendors

Vendor lock-in restricts choice for individuals and businesses which results in harmful power asymmetries. With Streetcred, your identity is always portable – so if another company fits your needs better than we can, you can switch to them.

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